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Graduate Student Intern, Antioch University Seattle

Jesse Zook Mann, a graduate school intern, is deeply passionate about his work. He eagerly looks forward to working with clients, employing a humanistic, client-centered approach that draws from solution-focused and family systems frameworks. Jesse's dedication to his clients is evident in his collaborative approach. He helps people he works with to make sense of their pasts and to create meaning around the adversity in their lives. Jesse has a therapeutic focus on working with people to gain insight into their backgrounds and awareness of their emotional worlds, with the ultimate goal of strengthening relationships and working to help people reach their therapeutic goals. His recent influences include the works of Viktor Frankl and Virginia Satir.

Jesse's diverse background enriches his therapeutic approach. With over a fifteen-year career in film and television, conducting documentary interviews with people from all over the world, he brings a global perspective to his work. His experience in mental health advocacy, creating psychotherapeutic, educational tools, and advocating for representation for those with mental health challenges further enhances his understanding of the impact that mental health struggles present to people.

When Jesse is not working on his therapy training, he can be found spending time with his sphynx cat Basho, taking pictures, listening to punk, metal, and indie music, or participating in the vibrant Jewish life of Portland, Oregon.

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