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Graduate Student Intern, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Depth Psychology

Tressa Yellig (SHE/HER)Graduate Student Intern, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Depth Psychology Humans are so marvelously complex. Understanding how those complexities shape the way we see and interact with the rest of the world determines how we turn that complexity into meaning and identity. Finding the courage to explore that meaning with a therapist can be some of the hardest and most deeply rewarding work a human can choose to engage in. My practice is one of relational integration. I help my clients recover the integrity of their whole lived experience in the context of their present moment goals and concerns. I offer an honest, mindful, collaborative space to witness and work with oneself in pursuit of healing – finding some helpful ways to live in relationship with all parts of yourself. I approach every human with compassion and genuine curiosity to understand how their unique collection of experiences has informed, and is continuously informing, their life – getting to the truth of the stories that we tell ourselves and finding what’s needed to move forward. I am a big fan of Hakomi principles and the way they help to reveal how the body holds on to trauma as well as how the body speaks its own intelligence. I love to use images, dreams, and metaphors to hold onto bigger themes that we can unpack together. Originally from the Midwest, I have lived on the Columbia River for over 14 years. I have experience with entrepreneurship, creative process, yoga, spirituality, being radically human, dismantling systemic oppression, learning from my cat, and forest bathing.
Tressa accepts the following insurance: Aetna, Regence BCBS, MODA, OHP (CareOregon), Cigna, Pacific Source, United, Optum and Providence. Her cash rate is $50 per 50 minute session. She offers therapy via Telehealth and in-person.

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