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High Quality • Low Cost Therapy

Mindful Therapy Pacific NW, LLC was formed to help meet the ever-growing need for high-quality therapy that is both accessible and affordable to Oregon and Washington residents. Our providers range from veteran therapists to highly-trained graduate student interns. All of our dedicated practitioners have specialized training in mindfulness and the somatic experience to address complex life challenges such as trauma and attachment injuries.

We work with a range of clients who seek support as they face and navigate life's challenges, as well as those who are simply ready to move in a new direction in their lives. We believe that mental health involves the whole person: not only the mind, but our bodies, spirit, unique personal history, occupation, environment and personal relationships.  

Each of our practitioners has their own specialization and training, but they all emphasize the practice of mindfulness, which is a particular state of mind or vulnerability. This allows us to have reactions and responses to life events without judgment or self-criticism so that we may study ourselves and understand why we do the things we do. Once we can understand ourselves at this deeper level, we have options and choices of how we can respond rather than unhelpful and dysfunctional automatic and habitual responses.

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Mindful Therapy Pacific NW, LLC’s philosophy is to promote holistic wellness, build resilience and initiate transformation. We believe and assume that each individual is inherently already whole and through therapeutic support and utilizing nonviolence, mindfulness, organicity, unity and body-mind awareness that wholeness can be rediscovered and engaged with once again.


The primary intentions of Mindful Therapy Pacific NW, LLC are to provide trauma-informed, high-quality and low-cost counseling services to underserved populations in Oregon and Washington.


Mindful Therapy Pacific NW, LLC also aims to offer a rich and supportive learning experience for graduate students in counseling programs and Registered Associates working towards licensure.

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