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Meeting diverse needs of our community

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Individual Therapy guides clients in their own journey of self-identification and reflection of where we have been so that we can have more clarity of where are headed. Some common challenges that can be addressed in individual therapy are: 

• transition into early adulthood, middle age and senior years
• personal growth and exploration
• feelings of isolation and loneliness
• trauma
• anxiety and depression management
• regulating feelings and emotions


We offer group therapy at various times throughout the year. Each group has a specific focus such as: grief, life transitions, LGBTQIA+ related challenges and everything in between. 

At this time, all groups are at full capacity. Please visit this site in the future to get information about upcoming groups or inquire with your therapist.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can help resolve conflicts and enhance intimacy. We are dedicated to support all types of relationships. Couples therapy can help navigate struggles with: 

• increasing or rediscovering intimacy
• LGBTQIA+ relationships
• working through issues of fidelity, jealousy and trust
• overcoming communication barriers
• navigating life transitions
• finding safety in vulnerability

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